About PE

Hey there, this is Chris. I run CALICO Design Manufacturing, a local design studio and manufacturer right in the heart of LA, focusing on solid material and panel CNC machining. We serve all types of creatives to make things for them: artists, engineers, entertainment, academic, designers, architects.

CALICO has been around for a few years, but I've been professionally creating and making things for over 15 years now. In the past few years i've also enjoyed lecturing and teaching university-level courses on good design. Most of the people who work for me at CALICO are actually my past students, and I treat CALICO of somewhat of a vehicle to get them actual industry expertise without exploiting them and instead helping them get where they need to be. Everything made here passes through one of our hands.

Personal Effects is essentially our Coronavirus Project--that thing to keep us busy and give us more purpose in odd and uncertain times like these. It's my attempt to take my resources and offer something for my neighbors and I as we're spending quite a bit of time in our homes, and to respond to the current needs of the people around me.

It's something to help us in our Marie Kondo decluttering goals, to help remind us that there's a community still out there. It's something that helps bring a unique mark of ownership to our rented homes as we nomadically flow around the vast expanse of LA in search of success and better lives.

It's high-end luxury in moderation, built by a company that despises rampant consumerism and the ever-growing landfills of single-use junk. It's practical, useful, unpretentious stuff built right here in Los Angeles. Everything here is also ran through a secondary test: If we don't think Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers, or Steve Irwin would approve, we don't do it. Things don't have to be more complicated than that, do they?

So! feel free to make yourself comfortable and take a look around...and won't you be our neighbor, too?

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you,
Chris Webster