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Custom Size Expandable Camper Van Bed Platform

Custom Size Expandable Camper Van Bed Platform

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PLEASE specify in cart checkout notes when ordering:

  1. clearance height you will need underneath the bed! We will custom make the legs to fit. Or, specify an overall height
  2. leg placement style: A,B,C, or D: refer to product image.

Built to your spec, this platform bed is designed to fit into any vehicle, quickly and easily--and to fold quickly to store away in a  remarkably compact form factor when not in use. Quick and simple, at great quality.

Customers note how light yet sturdy the frame is. We use high end baltic birch, high strength stainless steel fasteners, and aluminum extrusion to make this handle anything. We even use our own to load and transport the 1000's of lb's of material from our supplier to our shop and for deliveries around town--it's original purpose, before realizing the value it brought to lots of campers like yourself.

Includes military grade locking pins on mounted cables so you'll never lose them, and lots of registration holes to lock the frame in various expanded lengths. To prevent slipping or movement in transit, tie-down locations have been included into the legs.

Simply measure the width of the rear of your vehicle, pick a leg style and measure the wheel well height to account for wheel well clearance (refer to the image guide), pick a total length, and we'll do the rest.

Ships flat-pack FREE to you, anywhere in the USA. minimal assembly required with 4mm hex key to attach legs on delivery. Wood is untreated and sanded.

Built to order. Please specify clearance height required underneath the bedframe during order to match your vehicle!

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